Red Velvet Cancels Their Appearance at The '2020 K-Culture Festival'
Red Velvet has canceled their attendance at the upcoming '2020 K-Culture Festival' event. Red Velvet was previously active as an ambassador for the '2020 K-Culture Festival' with Super Junior K.R.Y.

This girl group under the auspices of SM Entertainment is planning to hold a fan meeting for the event on October 24th, 2020 as an ambassador for the '2020 K-Culture Festival'.

However, SM Entertainment recently asked the organizers to cancel Red Velvet's appearance from the event. The cancellation coincided with a controversy involving one of Red Velvet's personnel, Irene.

As Irene has admitted as a K-Pop idol who is rumored to be rude to the photo shoot staff and she has also written an apology through her Instagram account. (

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