Kim Sae Ron Rumored Leave 'Dear.M' Drama Due to Seniority Issues, The Agency Give a Statement
Gold Medalist's agency gave their response regarding the rumors of Kim Sae Ron's departure from the drama 'Dear.M'.

Previously, Kim Sae Ron had shocked fans after resigning from the drama "Dear.M" which also stars NCT's Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo. At that time the agency only stated that Kim Sae Ron decided to leave the drama because of a conflict of opinion.

However, in the latest Ilgan Sports media report, Kim Sae Ron reportedly left due to seniority problems. Given that Park Hye Soo, who is a junior in acting, was chosen as the main actor in the drama 'Dear.M'.

As we know, Kim Sae Ron debuted in the acting world in 2009 through the film “Traveler”. Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo just made her debut in 2015 through the drama "The Gang Doctor".

Responding to the report, the agency said, “Both parties have resolved matters well and decided to continue to support each other. It's a shame that there are false rumors like this.”

“Kim Sae Ron decided to leave the drama after discussing it with the production team. We cannot provide more detailed information because this is an internal problem, but both parties have resolved it well," the agency concluded.

Meanwhile, the new drama 'Dear.M' will air in early 2021. (

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