GFRIEND Will Hold First Online Concert 'G C: ON'
GFRIEND has been confirmed to hold their first online concert.

On Wednesday (10/06), GFRIEND announced an online concert schedule titled '2020 GFRIEND ONLINE CONCERT GFRIEND C: ON' or simply 'G C: ON', by releasing a group poster through the Weverse platform and official social media accounts.

The online concert 'G C: ON' is planned to be held for 90 minutes, starting from 5:00 p.m. KST on October 31st, 2020 on the Weverse platform. Through this concert GFRIEND will bring their hit songs to their fans around the world.

Tickets for this concert will be available at Weverse Shop starting October 7th at 14.00 KST tomorrow, which sells for 29K Won for membership members and 39K Won for fans who are not registered for membership.

GFRIEND is known for the last time releasing the album "回: Song of the Sirens" and the title song "Apple" in July 2020. (

GFRIEND Will Hold First Online Concert 'G C: ON'


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