BLACKPINK's Jennie Elegant Style Wears a Chanel Collection Reap Admiration
Talked about fashion, BLACKPINK's Jennie, who is known as a fashionista, really shouldn't be forgotten. Recently, the singer of "How You Like That" has gained attention because of her posts on social media.

Wednesday (10/07), Jennie uploaded several posts on her Instagram account. The post contains photos of Jennie while wearing the Chanel brand collection.

Jennie's uploaded photos show her in a black long-sleeved mini dress that looks elegant. She also looks a little different with makeup that focuses on her eye where she wears eyeliner.

Jennie's posts have inevitably become the talk and reap comments from netizens. They praised the beauty of the idol who debuted in 2016 and were amazed at her status as Chanel's ambassador to South Korea.

"I support Coco Jennie. She's really beautiful,"

"Korean Ambassador Chanel Kim Jennie," 

"The kind of cat that looks like a human," said another.

"Human Chanel Kim Jennie," 

"I like Chanel's voice in the video. I'm hooked," 

"Kim Jennie, why are you so beautiful?" 

Lets see Jennie waering Channel brand collection below! (

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