Two Popular K-Pop Boy Group Members Under Investigation For Illegal Gambling
The news program 'Newsdesk' MBC recently brought out some shocking news from the K-Pop entertainment industry. On the broadcast of September 14th, the program reported that there were two popular K-Pop idols who were suspected of illegal gambling.

It is reported that the group described as a group that started gaining popularity in Japan about ten years ago, even achieved high rankings on the Japanese Oricon chart several times.

The two boy group members are reportedly in their 30s, where they were accused of illegal Baccarat gambling at casinos in the Philippines from 2016 to 2018.

It was further stated that one of the idols also participated in online gambling on an illegal site with a stake of up to 50 million Won.

According to the police, the two admitted that they did not travel abroad for the purpose of gambling, but just happened to go to the Philippines and gamble there. (

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