Teach IZ*ONE Military Program, Captain Lee Keun Criticized by Netizen
Recently, Captain Lee Keun appeared on IZ*ONE's variety show “On: tact” and trained the members. When the episode aired, some netizens seemed worried about him breaking international law for training underage members.

In the episode aired on MNET on September 23rd, IZ*ONE members were all wearing army uniforms and were seen standing in line ready to train.

However, a netizen who saw the episode indicated that he did not approve of minors participating in military training.

They commented on social media, “Aren't there minors in the girl group IZ*ONE? Providing military education to children and adolescents is a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, international human rights law. But now they are using this as broadcast content?”

But not a few netizens also supported by commenting, "What about the Junior Marine camp or the JRPTC program?",

"Please keep this absurd opinion to yourself",

"People like this are the ones who claim that military training kills kids." and much more.

Do you think this training is good for IZ*ONE members? (www.onkpop.com)
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