Jimin Ex AOA Locked Instagram Account After Mina Leave Woori Actors Agency
Former member and leader of AOA, Jimin has locked her personal Instagram account after Mina reportedly left her agency, Woori Actors.

According to media reports, Jimin changed her Instagram account to privacy on September 27th. This action was done by Jimin after about a month and a half hse deleted all her videos on her personal YouTube channel.

The decision was taken after receiving many of hate comments following allegations of bullying she made against her former fellow AOA member, Mina.

Since these accusations, Jimin then decided to leave the group and the entertainment industry as a whole. Meanwhile, on September 26th, Mina, who is active as an actress, announced that she has ended her exclusive contract with Woori Actors to focus on having her rest and recovery period. (www.onkpop.com)

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