Have Broken Up a Year Ago, Jessi Changed Her Ideal Type of Man
Jessi opened up about her love life on the latest episode of “The Manager” which aired on September 19th. During the broadcast of this episode of MBC reality show, comedian Song Eun Yi asked Jessi about her ideal type.

She asked, "You've said in the past that Ha Jung Woo is your ideal type, has that changed?"

Jessi replied, “Yes, my ideal type has changed. Of course, Ha Jung Woo is so handsome, Oh my God. Not only was he handsome, but he was also very manly. I like manly men, rather than men who are thin and pale."

However, the singer explained that what she looks for in a man has changed since breaking up with her previous boyfriend last year.

"But now, as we get older, things change. Like just last year, I was still dating my boyfriend for two years. He is very handsome. But I realized that good looks are not the most important. Men's faces don't matter; the most important thing is his heart."

“Now, I'm looking for a man who understands me. Someone who makes me laugh. His sense of humor should be similar to mine."
she continued to provide conclusions. (www.onkpop.com)

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