BTS Bring Fans Back to the 70s with the Remix Version of 'Dynamite'
BTS is presenting the music video for 'Dynamite' in a remix version. On Sunday (09/20), BTS released the 70s remix version of the music video for 'Dynamite' on Big Hit Labels' official YouTube channel.

In this music video, we will be presented with a 70s-style video format, complete with comments from BTS members and information about the record for 'Dynamite' throughout the video.

Through this remix version, fans will be presented with the song "Dynamite" which is delivered to the accompaniment of rock band music.

Previously, BTS had also released the song “Dynamite” in the “NightTime” version, which consists of slow jam, bedroom, retro, and midnight versions.

Curious about what would happen if the song 'Dynamite' was released as a 70s rock song? Lets see the remix music video below! (

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