Eunhyuk Unveils Donghae's Strange Habits on 'Weekly Idol'
Eunhyuk has deliberately exposed a strange habit that his friend's Donghae often does. On September 2nd, Super Junior D&E appeared on the show 'Weekly Idol' as a guest and they had a chance to talk about each other's strange habits.

Eunhyuk revealed, “When the producer told us to stand-by, Donghae hyung suddenly left just to brush his teeth. He will do other things in the waiting room, and when filming starts, he will be brushing his teeth."

Although this was considered a strange habit by Eunhyuk, Donghae was not ashamed to be honest and said, "I'll admit it."

The host of 'Weekly Idol' who is also their groupmate, Leeteuk also shared, "At one point, we were in a car together, but suddenly Donghaee was brushing his teeth on my back seat."

Meanwhile, Super Junior D&E will be holding their comeback with the title track 'B.A.D' on September 3rd. (

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