England Presenter Called BTS Not Important, This Is The Reaction of Korean Netizens
A presenter from England reaped the pros and cons after calling BTS not important. The controversy began when journalist Anne McElvoy of The Economist media replied to a Reuters media tweet about BTS' speech at the 75th UN General Assembly with the comment "Please don't."

After getting a lot of criticism from ARMY, Anne McElvoy immediately conveyed her apology by writing, "My earlier tweet about BTS was in jest and I'm sorry it was taken the wrong way. Apologies."

The tweet was then replied to by Stephen Polard, who wrote, "OMG the replies to this. Have to keep remembering, Twitter is not real life."

Presenter Anne Hegerty then replied to the tweet, commenting, "All this about a little Korean boy band that's fundamentally not important?"

Suddenly the tweet immediately reap controversy among ARMY, who flocked to criticize her. In response to this controversy, Korean netizens on the Naver site commented:

"Now she's in big trouble,"

"She is too confined to white superiority,"

“Is this grandmother not aware that times change? She can only call her country better than others because of her ancestry but doesn't realize that they are still trapped in their conservative past by serving a queen. Did she really think her country's strength would last that long? Ckckck,"

“Oh, she would be in big trouble because of that comment, hahaha. Looks like she just wants attention, "

“Looks like she was trying to attract attention by attacking the group that was selling out concert tickets at Wembley Stadium. The best way to deal with someone like this is not to give her attention,"
and various other cynical comments. (www.onkpop.com)

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