A Staff Member of JTBC's Drama 'Run On' Confirmed Positive for COVID-19
The JTBC drama production again found a staff member who was positive for COVID-19. Reporting from a Korean media outlet on Sunday (09/27), a staff member from the production of the upcoming JTBC drama entitled 'Run On' was reportedly positive for COVID-19.

"One of the drama production crew is confirmed to have the COVID-19 virus and has temporarily stopped filming," said one of the drama production representatives.

It was further stated that both crew and officials who had contact or were in the same place as staff who tested positive for COVID-19 had undergone tests and were undergoing self-isolation.

An emergency condition was also imposed for the production, including the cast of the drama, starring Im Siwan, Shin Se Kyung, Sooyoung and Kang Tae Oh.

The drama 'Run On' has started filming the drama since the summer of this year and confirmed its first episode in the second half of 2020. (www.onkpop.com)

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