Block B's Park Kyung Admits That He Used to Hang Out And Was a Bully During School
Park Kyung tells about his dark days as a bully while in school. Through his Instagram account, the Block B member admitted that in the past he had been a bully because he did not like the image of his model student.

"Hello. This is Park Kyung. I have seen posts about my school days appear online. I'm sorry. I sincerely apologize to everyone, to those who were hurt by me at that time, and to those who remember the past when they saw me and were hurt by it.

In elementary school, I was someone who only knew how to study. That's why even though I don't know exactly why, I was subjected to bullying and looked down on by my friends. My body size is smaller than my friends too, and I kept those memories from when I entered middle school.

I don't like the image of my model student, and I like to be the center of attention. I then looked for people who some might call "bad" as cool. I wanted to hang out with them and be close to them, and I acted in an embarrassing way. I thought that if I was with them, people wouldn't be able to treat me easily.

I deeply regret my immature days at teen puberty. I've been busy until now, but I know these are memories that won't be erased by the person who was hurt by me. I know that this wound cannot be justified.

I asked those who were injured by me to contact me directly or even my company. I want to approach you directly, apologize, and seek forgiveness.

Even though I'm worried that many people nowadays will see me as someone who is fake, someone who acts, someone who was and is now incompatible, I'm writing this because I don't think it's too embarrassing for me to admit this personally. than through a company statement.

Once again, I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Park Kyung has previously accused the agencies of several artists including VIBE and Song Haye of doing 'sajaegi' so that artist's songs can rise and top the music charts, which has proven false. (

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