This is Netizen's Response After BTS' 'In the SOOP' Reality Show Aired the First Episode
JTBC recently aired the first episode of the reality show "In the SOOP", starring BTS. BTS' first reality program in 2020 aired the first episode on Wednesday (08/19) night via JTBC cable TV.

Reporting from Nielsen Korea on Thursday (08/20), the first episode of this program recorded an average viewership rating of 1.26 percent. 'In The SOOP' is a reality show that shows BTS members spending their free time in a house in the middle of the forest, with activities ranging from fishing by the lake to painting to napping.

After airing the first episode, this reality show received mixed responses from netizens on the qoo online forum who commented,

"This is a reality show for fans, so I think the ratings are good ㅋㅋ"

"This is still the first episode, and very interesting to me"

"It's boring, it seems like only fans are watching this reality show"

“I was surprised that the viewership ratings were better than I thought. Male idol reality shows often have viewer ratings of 0.12%. Dramas in prime time also only have viewership ratings of 2~3% "

"I think the viewership rating is higher than I expected, the main age of BTS fans is not the age that usually watches TV, I usually watch shows on my cellphone.." and others.

Have you watched the first episode of BTS' 'In the SOOP'? (

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