SM Entertainment Rumored Will Debuting a 4-Member Girl Group After SuperM's Comeback
SM Entertainment has announced early this year the agency will be debuting a new girl group. TechM recently reported that SM's new girl group will consist of 4 members and debut after SuperM's comeback.

 SuperM itself is scheduled to release two pre-release singles followed by their first full album titled "Super One" on September 25th. If this news is true, then the new girl group of SM will debut around October to December.

Previously, there was news that SM Entertainment would debut a girl group with 10-12 members. The latest news says that this girl group will only have 4 members from Korea, Japan and China.

SMRookies members who are predicted to become members of this SM girl group are Hina, who is of Korean-Japan descent and Ningning who comes from China. Besides that, there is still Yoo Jimin who is also popular with fans even though she is not part of SMRookies.

Rumors about this new SM's girl group have also become a topic of conversation for netizens on the online community site Theqoo. Most of them didn't believe it until SM announced it themselves.

"I'm sure this is just a baseless rumor," 

"Does this mean that Hina and Ningning will debut?" 

"Let's wait until they debut... How many rumors about SM girl groups have been circulating?"

"I couldn't believe this until I saw them debut myself," said netizens. "Why are people so obsessed with having foreign members in their group? Korean people are talented and capable enough in my opinion,"

"I hope that SM will stop placing members from China or Japan and put Vietnam or Indonesia instead. Whenever they debut a 'multi-national group', they mean Chinese or Japanese members. If they are targeting a bigger income, they should be choose Southeast Asian people. They are actually doing well,"  (

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