'Serendipity' Will Launch Ice Cream Collaboration With Selena Gomez X BLACKPINK
Ahead of the release of the collaboration single between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez entitled "Ice Cream", they are also working with an ice cream product brand called "Serendipity".

On August 24th, "Serendipity" officially announced a new ice cream flavor that will launched this weekend, called "Cookies & Cream Remix".

It feels like it will be officially supported by Selena Gomez and is a collaborative product to commemorate BLACKPINK x Selena's new single, “Ice Cream”! The new flavor “Cookies & Cream Remix” will be released on the same day their collaboration single will be released which falls on August 28th.

While waiting for the release of the collaboration single and the ice cream product, here is the video from Selena Gomez which is a sweet show of support for the product “Cookies & Cream Remix” below. (www.onkpop.com)


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