Park Jin Young revealed his story of being Bang Si Hyuk's roommate. On Wednesday (08/12) yesterday Park Jin Young, Sunmi and Kim Hyun Suk were present in the latest episode of 'Radio Star'.

Through the program, Park Jin Young talked about his new duet song with Sunmi, 'When We Disco'. He then reminisced about the times when he and Wonder Girls had their promotional activities in the United States.

Park Jin Young then talked about Big Hit Entertainment's boss, Bang Si Hyuk, whom he first met in the 90s and often worked on music together. When he founded JYP Entertainment, Bang Si Hyuk joined as a producer. He then left JYP in 2005 to establish Big Hit Entertainment.

Park Jin Young shared, "At that time we were in the United States, and we had no money, so we shared a room in an acquaintance's house. During the year there we couldn't sell a single song."

"We both lived in someone else's house and fought a lot over the little things. He is a year younger than me and he is in charge of washing clothes. He told me not to turn my socks over. I kept forgetting and one day we had a big fight over it. This was around 2003-2004," he said.

Despite having experienced difficulties while promoting in the United States, JYP Entertainment has now grown to become one of the biggest K-Pop agencies in South Korea. "I never thought JYP could become this big. To be honest, it's really hard to believe that an entertainment agency has a 10-story office. Of course, Big Hit is bigger, and Yang Hyun Suk's (YG Entertainment) is bigger too," he concluded. (

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