Not Yet a Year of Debut, Girl Group HINAPIA Officially Disbanded
Another rookie girl group that has officially disbanded in less than a year since debut. This news was conveyed directly by OSR Entertainment through HINAPIA's official fancafe page on Friday (08/21).

In the announcement, the agency stated, "First of all, we would like to apologize for having to deliver unpleasant news to fans who have always loved and waited for good news from HINAPIA."

"We hope to deliver news regarding the disbandment of girl group HINAPIA and the termination of contracts with the members."

"Our agency has had long discussions with the members for a long time, and we all agreed to disband the group and terminate exclusive contracts with the five members."

“HINAPIA members will be active in various fields in the future and we hope you will give them support for their new start. Thank you for loving HINAPIA until now and we would like to apologize once again. Thank you," concluded the agency.

HINAPIA is a rookie girl group that debuted in November 2019 with the song 'DRIP'. This girl group is known to have four former PRISTIN girl group personnel who were disbanded last year.

Previously, fans had suspected that this HINAPIA girl group had been disbanded, because of the various clues shown by the members on social media. (

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