Lee Minho Receives Hate Comments to Sexual Harassment, MYM Entertainment is Ready to Take Legal Action
Popular actor Lee Min Ho has recently been found to be preparing to take legal steps to punish hate commentators against him.

Today, Wednesday (08/12), the legal entity LIWU handling cases related to actor Lee Min Ho released the following statement.

“Law firm LIWU is currently monitoring unlawful posts (malicious comments) regarding MYM Entertainment actor Lee Min Ho that contain senseless personal attacks, sexual harassment, spreading false information, and malicious rumors."

"We are in the process of gathering evidence of malicious comments by people who have posted online on places like DC Inside, fan cafes, and blogs, advised or requested removal, gathered data about malicious commenters, and made criminal reports. We also gathered evidence and created a list of malicious commenters based on information received via the email address from MYM below, so we hope to receive a lot of information."

Meanwhile, the actor last appeared on TV through the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch" along with actress Kim Go Eun. (www.onkpop.com)


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