Kang Seung Hoon Accused of Encouraging and Cursing His Underage Neighbors
Kang Sung Hoon's neighbor who is still underage accused the former Sechskies member of pushing and cursing him. On August 12th, a netizen who admit 18 year old girl accused Kang Sung Hoon of doing something unpleasant to her.
The confession wrote, "When Kang Sung Hoon came out to throw out his trash, I accidentally bumped into him, and made all the trash he was holding onto fall apart."

“We didn't even say hello, but he said 'hey hey' informally to me. He was angry, so I apologized to him several times, but Kang Sung Hoon pushed me and told me to leave with an angry face. He pushed me so hard I almost fell and he left marks on my body."

Not only that day, it turned out that the conflict between them continued the next day, the post continued, "The next day, I talked about it over the phone with my friend, and worse, Kang Sung Hoon heard me."

“I heard so many swear words from him. I lowered my head to apologize, but Kang Sung Hoon put his finger on my chin, turned his head, and asked if I realized that what I was doing was wrong.”

Kang Sung Hoon's agency has denied the post, stating, “The post of the community which asked was clearly not true. That is wrong. We will take legal action."

Look forward to the latest news from the Kang Sung Hoon case. (www.onkpop.com)

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