ITZY Finally Release 'Not Shy' Music Video
ITZY has finally released the music video for “Not Shy” that fans have been waiting for. The music video for 'Not Shy' was officially released by ITZY through JYP Entertainment's official YouTube channel on Monday (08/17) at 6 p.m. KST.

'Not Shy' is a powerful and upbeat pop dance song, with lyrics that describe the feeling of self-confidence that women should have.

No less than the previous comeback, this time the music video was also presented with eye-pampering visuals and energetic dances from the five ITZY members.

A few hours before releasing the music video, ITZY had already held a Live Premiere on YouTube, where they revealed the live performance of the song “Not Shy”.

Without further do, lets watch ITZY's 'Not Shy' music video below! (

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