EXO-SC Releases '1 Billion Views' MV in Remix Version
EXO-SC once again spoiled the fans by releasing the music video for “1 Billion Views” in a remix version. The Mar Vista version of the music video for '1 Billion Views' was uploaded through the official SMTOWN YouTube channel on Friday (28/08) at 12.00 KST.

Unlike the original version, in this remix version we will be presented with the song “1 Billion Views” which has been changed to the EDM house music genre.

“1 Billion Views” itself is the newest song from EXO-SC which they sang with soloist MOON.

What would it be like if the song “1 Billion Views” was turned into an EDM house song? Lets watch the music video together below! (www.onkpop.com)

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