Accused of Having Plastic Surgery, Soyou Give a Response
Soyou recently had a rumor stating that she had plastic surgery before making a comeback with “Gotta Go“. Soyou finally responded to the accusation on August 11th through episode of the program "Two O'Clock Date with Ahn Young Mi and Muzie".

Soyou said, “To be honest, my face is really awkward. My face has gotten darker from promoting the song 'Gotta Go', and I also put on my face with dark makeup. I've become the usual Soyou now.”

Dj Ahn Young Mi and Muzie then commented, "You look really pretty with black hair."

Soyou replied, “Before promoting, I lost weight, but I got it back when I was promoting. Then, all of a sudden the rumors about me having plastic surgery started to spread."

The DJ replied, "You look the same. We won't believe those rumors," she told Soyou. Meanwhile Soyou just had her solo comeback 2 weeks ago with the new song 'Gotta Go'. (

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