SF9 Criticized for Not Being Serious When Performing, Dawon Give a Statement
Dawon gave his statement directly after SF9 received a lot of criticism. Last Sunday (07/12) SF9 members appeared in the latest dance relay video on M2 to present their latest song, 'Summer Breeze'.

Through the video, K-Pop idols who appear usually present their best performances to amaze the fans. Even though some members look so cool and total, some SF9 members seem to mess up the whole appearance by joking with each other and not being serious in their turn.

After reaping a lot of criticism, through live broadcasts on Instagram, Dawon gave his statement live.

In the broadcast Dawon clarified that the articles circulating on the internet had been overstated and at that time members were not lazing. He apologized because the video had been misinterpreted and made fans feel hurt.

Dawon later explained that this was indeed common in their work and that it was something that was worth criticizing. As he said, "Don't feel too sad. I think that is indeed worth criticizing. That is something that usually happens in our work. It's not something that everyone can feel, so I hope you understand it with an open heart."

"I will show my better side so please understand. I turned on the live broadcast on Instagram to discuss this, so I hope you don't feel too hurt because of this. I will work even harder so please encourage us. Thank you," he concluded. (www.onkpop.com)

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