Song Joong Ki Reportedly Dating With Lawyer, Agencies Give a Statement!
Actor Song Joong Ki was later rumored to be dating a lawyer who later responded by the agency. On Thursday (06/11), the agency of Song Joong Ki, History D&C revealed to OSEN media outlets. 

"The dating rumor of Song Joong Ki is not true. Circulating the unfounded rumors that spread out in the law industry, but after checking it, it's not true."

Some time ago had been circulating rumors that mention that Song Joong Ki was dating a lawyer working in an institution in one of the law firms.

Initially the rumors spread through a short message among legal institutions, which said the lawyer was dating Song Joong Ki.

"Recently, Song Joong Ki was busy doing his activities, and he unfortunately had to resign from the project [due to his schedule]," the agency added explaining the busyness of the artist.

Song Joong Ki later was preparing to promote the latest film ' Space Sweepers '. (

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