GFRIEND Members Finally Have a Personal Instagram Account, Lets Follow!
Each GFRIEND member has created their personal Instagram account. Except Yuju, five GFRIEND members consisting of Yerin, Eunha, SinB, Umji and Sowon have sign up their respective Instagram accounts.

Yerin created her Instagram account using the username @every__nn, then Eunha with the username @rlo.ldl, then SinB with the username @bscenez, Sowon with @onedayxne and Umji with @ummmmm_j.i 

As fans know, previously GFRIEND members only greeted fans through the group's official Instagram account.

With the opening of a personal Instagram account, it is certain that GFRIEND members will greet their fans more often.

Have you followed GFRIEND member Instagram account yet? (

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