Bring BLACKPINK Until Sunmi's Song, This is The Rank of 'Road to Kingdom’ Contestant
The 'Road to Kingdom' survival program is back to air its newest episode on Mnet. Continuing last week's episode, on Thursday (06/04) fans could watch the contestants of 'Road to Kingdom' in pairs.

PENTAGON and ONF decided to perform the song 'Kill This Love' by BLACKPINK, while The Boyz and ONEUS performed a Sunmi song titled 'Heroine'.

For this collaboration mission, PENTAGON and ONF were ranked 1st. While VERIVERY and TOO came in 2nd, and The Boyz and ONEUS came in 3rd.

If accumulated from the first round, so far the ranking of 'Road to Kingdom' contestants are:

1. ONF
3. The Boyz
5. TOO

Now in the third round, the contestants get the mission 'Your Song', where each group must display the song chosen by the opposing team.

ONEUS was challenged to perform the song 'Be Mine' by INFINITE, TOO was challenged to perform 'Hard Carry' by GOT7, and ONF performed the song 'It's Raining' by Rain.

You can watch the amazing appearance of the contestants 'Road to Kingdom' through the following video! (

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