AB6IX's Lim Young Min Apologizes After Being Involved in Driving Case When Drunk
AB6IX's Lim Young Min wrote a letter of apology to fans after being involved in a driving case when drunk. As previously stated by Brand New Music agency, Lim Young Min was found driving while drunk, so his license was revoked by the police.

Because of this case, Lim Young Min was declared a vacuum from the group and AB6IX will continue promotion with four members.

Now through the AB6IX official fan cafe page, Lim Young Min wrote, "First of all, I feel ashamed and guilty for giving you embarrassing news."

"I'm truly sorry for disappointing many people and fans who always show love and wait for me."

"I feel so sad because I have to be a shameful brother to my members, who have been seriously hurted because of me. Also, I want to sincerely apologize to the agency staff who have suffered heavy losses due to this."

"The members and staff worked very hard for a long time to prepare for this comeback, but because of my stupid and irresponsible mistakes, their efforts have been damaged, and so I feel very ashamed."

"I am very aware of all my mistakes, and I am very sorry and are pondering it. I will accept all criticism for my actions that cannot be changed anymore.”

"To everyone who believes in me and supports me, including my fans, group members, agency staff, and family. I sincerely, I sincerely apologize once again,"
he wrote. (www.onkpop.com)
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