VIXX's Hongbin Will Vacuum From Entertainment World After Controversy
VIXX's Hongbin will be vacuum from all his activities in the entertainment world after being involved in controversy. This VIXX member had indeed reap the controversy after considered mocking another K-Pop idol when holding a live broadcast on Twitch.

Now on Friday (05/01) Jellyfish Entertainment announced, "Regarding Hongbin's future activities, we have decided after discussing with Hongbin, that he will stop broadcasting on Twitch."

"In addition, his activities in the entertainment world will also be stopped for a while and we will need quite a long time to prepare him, so he can meet with fans again."

In addition Jellyfish Entertainment also confirmed that they will sue netizens who provide malicious comments to VIXX members, including sexual harassment comments, spreading false rumors, invading privacy and defamation.

The agency claims it will not provide leniency for anyone who makes slanderous comments on their artists.

"Thanks to fans who always support and love VIXX, and we will do our best to protect our artists. Thank you." the agency closed. (
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