Goo Hye Sun's Party Denies HB Entertainment's Statement
Actress Goo Hye Sun has denied the statement made by HB Entertainment. Previously, HB Entertainment claimed that they would terminate the contract with Goo Hye Sun if she paid compensation to them.

HB Entertainment also claimed that Goo Hye Sun's reason for terminating the contract with the agency had been rejected by the court. Different from HB Entertainment's statement, Goo Hye Sun claimed that she had won the suit. As she wrote on Instagram, "I won the suit and HB Entertainment lost."

Goo Hye Sun's attorney also released his official statement saying, "As a representative of actress and director Goo Hye Sun, our law firm released an official statement about her agency and arbitration award."

"The reason we released this official statement was because there was news of Goo Hye Sun's departure from HB Entertainment after a change in her profile picture and agency. In addition, the former agency released an official statement, but there are some parts that are wrong and we intend to correct it."
Lawyer Goo Hye Sun explained that they had won a lawsuit to break the contract with HB Entertainment.

In addition, attorney Goo Hye Sun also denied HB Entertainment's statement stating that they would terminate her contract if she had paid compensation. The legal counsel explained that the request for compensation from HB Entertainment for 330 million Won had been rejected by the court, and the court only asked Goo Hye Sun to pay compensation 35 million Won.

Therefore, Goo Hye Sun's attorney explained that HB Entertainment lost 90% of the lawsuit, when compared to the compensation request they had submitted.

Even so, Goo Hye Sun's attorney claimed not to accept the reason she had to pay compensation of 35 million Won, so they were preparing to appeal. (

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