The song 'Eight' Dedicated by IU to The Late Sulli?
Fans suspect the song 'Eight' is dedicated by IU to her best friend, Sulli. On Wednesday (05/06) yesterday IU and BTS' Suga released their collaboration song titled 'Eight'.

After hearing the lyrics of the song and watching the music video, fans immediately speculated that this song was dedicated by IU to her late friend, Sulli, who had died at the end of 2019. In one of the lyrics of the song, IU said 'So are you happy now? Finally happy now?'

Many fans suspected that the lyrics were addressed to Sulli who has now abandoned everything and gone to a happier place.

Fans are more convinced of the allegation after seeing the animated figure of a woman in white dress riding a dragon in 'Eight music video'. IU's character seemed look at the woman's figure from the plane with a sad expression.

Fans suspect that the figure of the woman in the white dress is the figure of Sulli who is known to be close friends with IU for a long time. Because of their closeness, in the past IU also wrote a song called 'Red Queen' which she dedicated to Sulli.

Do you think 'Eight' is really dedicated by IU to her late best friend? (

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