SECRET NUMBER's Jinny, Soodam and Léa Deactive Instagram Account, Here's the Reason
Three SECRET NUMBER member, Jinny, Soodam and Léa have recently deactived their Instagram accounts. As fans know, before all five SECRET NUMBER members had their personal Instagram accounts.

Now only two members of the SECRET NUMBER Instagram account are still active, that are Dita's account which has gained more than 740k followers and Denise who already has 160k followers.

Through the official Instagram account of SECRET NUMBER, Jinny explained that the reason they closed their Instagram account was because of privacy concerns.

As she uploaded a selfie, Jinny wrote, "Hey guys, it's me Jinny jin jin. This is a rare selfie that I took while waiting in the car. I rarely take selfies but, I've tried my best to take selfies for you. However, due to privacy reasons, we will only post through the Official Secret Number account when we carry out our promotions. I will make sure to post here often so don't be too sad. Miss you and love you xox." she wrote.

This certainly makes fans wonder if eventually Denise and Dita will also close their Instagram accounts like other members.

After closing their personal Instagram account, members will communicate with fans through SECRET NUMBER's official Instagram account. (

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[#JINNY] ⠀ 안늉~~~ 지니에용 ㅎㅎ 이 사진은 차에서 대기하면서 찍은 셀카에요 제가 셀카 거의 안 찍는 편인데 여러분 위해서 요즘 열심히 찍으려고 노력 중이에요 ~ 여러분을 위한 사진 많이 모으는 중인데, 앞으로 당분간 활동 기간 동안만큼 시크릿넘버 공식 계정으로만 찾아뵐 거 같아요!ㅠㅠ 앞으로 예쁜 사진 많이 올릴 테니깐 너무 아쉬워하지 마세요ㅠ 따랑해요 여러분 🥰 ⠀ Heyyy guys it’s me Jinny jin jin~~ ❤️ This is a rare selfie of me I took while waiting in the car. I barely take selfies but, I’ve been trying my best to take selfies for you guys. However, due to privacy reasons, We’ll be only posting via Secret Number Official account while we’re doing our promotions. I’ll make sure to post often here so don’t be too sad :,( Miss you and love you xox ⠀ #SECRET_NUMBER #시크릿넘버 #진희 #WhoDis
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