Here's the Answer of (G)I-DLE's Shuhua When Said Ugly By Hater
Shuhua recently held a live broadcast through V Live to greet her fans. When she was broadcasting live, she then read one of netizens' comments that said, "There's something on your face. That is ugliness."

Shocked at the comment, Shuhua tried to read twice and said, "Did I read it wrong?"

Feeling annoyed, Shuhua immediately exclaimed, "Wow wow!" and scolded the netizen, "Are you the same person as before? Who said that to Soojin? Have you gone crazy? Seriously. You better get out of here! Don't watch this! Seriously. You're just pissing me off. Get out there!"

She continued, "Personally, I'm fine. That does not hurt me. But if you say that to others, it will definitely make them sad! If you say that to my friend, it will also hurt me! If my family sees that, they will be sad too, you know! Seriously."

"I am alright. I don't feel hurt, it's just that, if you do that to my friend, I won't just let you go. Remember that!"

Miyeon then came to her and Shuhua explained what had just happened. Knowing that, Miyeon then said to the camera, "You can't do that. There's no ugliness on her face!" she said as she hugged Shuhua.

Shuhua then added, "That person is the ugliest. That person doesn't even have a face," she said irritably. (
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