BLACKPINK and TWICE Comeback Together in June, Netizens Can't Wait For Their Competition on Music Chart
BLACKPINK and TWICE have announced their comeback plans in June. At the end of April 2020, TWICE members announced that they would be coming back on June 1st, 2020 with a new song called 'More & More'.

Now in early May or precisely on Monday (05/04), it was YG Entertainment's turn to confirm BLACKPINK's girl group comeback plans in June.

As fans know, BLACKPINK and TWICE are two K-Pop girl groups that have huge popularity right now.

Many Korean netizens are impatient to look forward to their competition on the music charts, bearing in mind the two groups will make a comeback in June. Like netizens' comments on theqoo site:

"TWICE versus BLACKPINK, daebak!"

"I couldn't trust YG until BLACKPINK released their album. Please immediately announce their comeback date,"

"Looks like BLACKPINK will be making a comeback in the second week of June,"

"TWICE and BLACKPINK will comeback together. Very crazy,"

"The queens will be back soon, can't wait,"
and many other comments.

Are you also anxious to look forward to the upcoming BLACKPINK and TWICE comeback next month? (
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