Kim Jaejoong Got Criticizes by Korean Netizens After Posted a Prank About Coronavirus
Kim Jaejoong received many criticism from South Korean netizens after making a prank post about the coronavirus or COVID-19. On Wednesday (01/04), Kim Jaejoong made his fans shocked after uploading a post on Instagram.

Through this post, Kim Jaejoong claimed that he had contracted the coronavirus and was currently in the hospital.

But shortly after, Kim Jaejoong edited the post and said that he only made pranks for April Fools. He also explained that the post was intended so that people could be more aware and concerned with the coronavirus pandemic that was happening.

Suddenly Kim Jaejoong immediately reaped a lot of criticism from netizens. Various comments from Korean netizens on Nate's website such as:

"Really an attention seeker,"

"Now I understand why Lee Soo Man took out the three of them, hahaha,"

"Seriously, why does he make it a joke at a time like this, even children won't do it,"

"There are things that cannot be used as a joke. I'm sure even children won't joke stupid like this, "

"The brain seems to have no contents other than udon noodles, to the point that it can joke like that. Really not like humans,"
and many other criticisms of the commentary.

Meanwhile Kim Jaejoong has deleted the controversial post through his Instagram account. (
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