(G)I-DLE Unveils The Audio of Their New Song 'I trust'
(G)I-DLE has played footage of songs on their latest mini album. After previously releasing group and individual teaser photos, on Friday (04/03) at 00.00 KST (G)I-DLE released a video footage of the song on the 3rd mini album 'I trust'.

Through this video, fans can listen to short pieces of the five songs on 'I trust' mini album consisting of 'Oh My God', 'Saranghae', 'Maybe', 'LION' and 'Oh My God' in English version.

The mini album 'I trust' and the music video 'Oh My God' are planned to be released by (G)I-DLE on April 6th, 2020 next week.

While waiting for (G)I-DLE comeback which is only a matter of days, first look at the footage of the songs in the following video! (www.onkpop.com)

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