BTS Will Release 'Stay Gold' Song As OST of Japanese Drama
BTS will sing a song for Japanese drama OST. The song titled 'Stay Gold' which will be the drama OST 'Spiral Labyrinth - DNA Forensic Investigation'.

'Stay Gold' is one of that BTS will release on their latest Japanese album this summer. This will be their first release in Japan, after releasing of the single titled 'Lights / Boy With Luv'.

Regarding their song which will be the Japanese drama OST, BTS members said, "We are happy to participate in the drama OST 'Spiral Labyrinth'. We hope that many people look forward to it with love and attention. Please look forward to 'Spiral Labyrinth' and 'Stay Gold'."

BTS members also explained, " 'Stay Gold' is a cheerful song with expressive lyrics that can be understood by everyone. It fits perfectly with the atmosphere and story of the drama 'Spiral Labyrinth', so please enjoy both together," the members were quoted as saying by the Japanese Billboard media.

Tanaka Kei as the lead actor of the drama also said, "That's a very cool song. The song left an impression on my heart and ears, and left a deep impression on me. I really like this song."

'Spiral Labyrinth - DNA Forensic Investigation' is a drama based on the manga titled 'Rasen no Meikyƫ'. This drama will begin airing on Tokyo TV on April 24, 2020. (

BTS Will Release 'Stay Gold' Song As OST of Japanese Drama

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