Yang Hyun Suk's Threatening Case Against The Witness of B.I Drug Case Submitted to the Prosecutors
The threatening case carried out by Yang Hyun Suk against the witness of B.I drug case will be submitted to the Procuratorate. On Friday (02/14), YTN reported that police had discovered that Yang Hyun Suk had indeed threatened witnesses for B.I drug case in 2016.

Previously, Yang Hyun Suk has denied all the accusations. However, the police later found a witness named Kim who was present when Yang Hyun Suk met with the witness for B.I case. Kim is the one who paid the lawyer to witness B.I case by using money from YG Entertainment.

After investigating Kim, the police found that Yang Hyun Suk's statement could not be trusted and some of them confirmed that he had indeed carried out a threat.

Now that they have finished their investigation, the police plan to submit the case file to the prosecutor. (www.onkpop.com)

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