This Korean Movie Star Evidently Use Propofol by Using His Sibling's Name
The 'A' actor who was previously investigated by the police for a drug case is reported have used his sister's name illegally. According to a report from Channel A, the movie star 'A' and former CEO of Aekyung Group, Chae Seung Suk, have used actor A sister's name to be checked at the hospital and use propofol. 

The 'A' actor is said to have used this type of banned propofol at least 10 times. "A" was reportedly introduced to the hospital by Chae Seung Suk, who had previously been investigated for propofol abuse. 

Although the identity of the actor is not yet known, the sibling of the actor 'A' whose name has been misused is also rumored a celebrity. (

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