iKON Give The Reaction of Their Own MV 'Dive'
What do you think about iKON members' when they first watch the 'Dive' music video? Through their official YouTube channel, on Sunday (02/16) iKON uploaded a reaction video for the music video 'Dive'.

Members of iKON immediately shouted loudly when the music video started playing. Members of iKON also claimed to be amazed by the color to their cool appearance on the music video.

Yunhyeong then commented, "I honestly think that this is our coolest choreography. The results are better than expected." 

After the music video ended, iKON members applauded immediately and Jinhwan commented, "I think this is our best music video." You can see the reaction of iKON members when watching 'Dive' MV through the following video! (www.onkpop.com) 

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