This American Media Being Racist and Think A.C.E As BTS, Fans Got Mad
Fans of A.C.E were mad after one of the media in the United States thought A.C.E as BTS. The controversy began when the TMZ media was considered to be racist towards the movie star 'Parasite' and members of A.C.E.

Previously, A.C.E was present as a K-Pop group who performed at a party for 'Parasite' cast and film crew after attending the 92nd 'Academy Awards'.

In the 'TMZ on TV' segment, one of the reporters mocked the English language ability of the film 'Parasite'. TMZ reporters then interviewed A.C.E members and called them translators.

Fans were even more upset after TMZ reporters named two A.C.E member, Byeongkwan and Jun, as BTS members.

This is not the first event that has been carried out by TMZ media on K-Pop artists and Korean celebrities. In 2015 they also reap the controversy when mocking the English language skills of EXID members. (

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