Starring By EXID's Hani, 'XX’ Web Drama Has Been Watched Over 7.5 Million Times on V Live
The web drama 'XX' gets fantastic views on VLive. 'XX' is a web drama produced by Playlist and casts by EXID's Hani, Hwang Seung Un, and many more.

This web drama has just aired a total of 6 episodes and now has got a total of more than 7.5 million views on V Live.

Because there are still 4 more episodes that have not yet aired, this web drama is expected to get a total of more than 10 million views on V Live.

Last year, there were only 3 web dramas that reached 10 million views on V Live, there were 'A-Teen 2', 'Love Playlist 4' and 'Best Mistake'.

‘XX’ is a web drama that tells the story of a chief bartender named Yoon Na Na (Hani) who works in a secret bar. From her bartender's desk, Yoon Na Na is then involved with the love lives of her customers, thus making her look back on the lives and mistakes she made in the past.

In addition to V Live, this web drama is also aired through the official YouTube channel Playlist. (

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