BTS Producer, Pdogg Becomes Korean Producer with the Largest Income in 2019
Pdogg, who has worked as a producer for BTS songs, managed to get the biggest income in 2019. On Tuesday (02/18) yesterday, the Korea Music Copyright Association announced the names of producers who won the Royalties Awards.

At the award ceremony, Pdogg was successfully named as the composer and lyricist with the greatest royalties in 2019. The same award as he received in 2018 ago.

Pdogg is a producer who has been instrumental in making many songs for BTS since their debut, including popular songs 'Boy With Luv', 'Black Swan', 'IDOL', 'Fake Love', 'DNA' and many more.

Royalties Awards itself is an awards event held by the Korea Music Copyright Association since 2015, to give appreciation to talented music producers in South Korea.

Congratulations to Pdogg! (

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