Agency Tell MONSTA X's Shownu Condition After Fall From the Stage
The agency informed the latest conditions of MONSTA X's Shownu after dropped from the stage. As fans know, MONSTA X is now promoting in the United States for their English-language album entitled 'All About Luv'.

On Wednesday (02/12) yesterday, Shownu fell off the stage while performing the song 'Middle of the Night' with other MONSTA X members.

At that time the microphone stand held by Shownu also fell, so many fans were worried if he suffered a severe injury because of the incident.

Responding to fans' concerns, Starship Entertainment commented, "We have already checked and are grateful he did not experience any problems that need to be worried."

MONSTA X plans to release the album 'All About Luv' on February 14 and will appear on the 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' program on NBC on February 13 local time. (

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