This is The Reaction of Korean Netizens After X1 Disbanded
Until now the news of X1 dissolution is still a hot topic among K-Pop fans. On Monday (06/01) yesterday representatives from X1 members' agency officially announced that the group made by the program 'Produce X101' was forced to be disbanded.

That was because the agency of each member as well as Swing Entertainment and CJ ENM company did not get a mutual agreement, after negotiating.

The news of this dissolution instantly shocked X1's fans both in South Korea and around the world. Responding to the news of X1's dissolution, Korean netizens on the Naver website commented:

"Wooseok, I will support you wherever you are,"

"It broke my heart to imagine how sad they felt. Please don't let something like this happen again in the future,"

"Seungyeon, you can certainly shine even brighter, keep up the spirits,"

"Yohan, I will always support you,"

"Let's continue to support them until we can see X1 members standing on the stage again,"
and many other support comments. (
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