Rocket Punch Finally Has an Official Fan Club Name
Rookie girl group Rocket Punch has announced the name of their official fan club. After previously asked fans to vote for the official fan club name, Rocket Punch has now announced the official fan cub name.

The name of the official Rocket Punch fan club is 'Ketchy (켓치)', which is taken from one syllable in the group name (로켓 펀치), which in Korean means 'attractive' or 'charming'.

In the announcement the agency also explained, "Because the name of the fan club has the same mention as the word 'Catchy', it means that fans are part of Rocket Punch and become an important thing that makes them unable to live without it."

Rocket Punch is a rookie girl group made by Woollim Entertainment that debuted with 'Pink Punch' and the music video 'Bim Bam Bum' in August 2019.

Are you one of Ketchy? (

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