Red Velvet's Wendy Still in the Hospital a Month After the Accident, SBS Reaps Netizen Anger
Red Velvet's Wendy was recently reportedly still in hospital a month after an accident. As fans know, on December 25, 2019 Wendy had an accident on the stage of 'SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019'.

As a result of falling from a height of 2.5 meters, Wendy suffered a broken bone in the cheek, wrist and pelvis of the right side of her body.

Recently the Xportsnews media reported that Wendy is still spending time in the hospital because the injury she experienced was quite severe. As a result of her broken bone injury, Wendy is expected to recover in a longer period than expected.

This has made many Korean netizens express their anger towards SBS. Like netizens' comments on the Nate website:

"Are they lazy to make a decent stage because the show only lasts for a day? And how do they compensate for material losses and mental stress experienced by Wendy? She will continue to experience trauma because of this. Stay strong Wendy!"

"Now she can't even do promotions because of the incompetence of SBS staff,"

"She has an injury to her pelvis, so she will feel pain when she grows old. Geez, this girl will get into a lot of trouble in the future. I doubt if she gets proper compensation,"

"Everyone who has had a fracture knows how it hurts. The pain after a fracture lasted for a very long time, moreover she experienced it in the pelvic area,"

"It seems like SBS not only has to pay for her treatment money, but also must compensate her,"
and many more netizens' comments. (
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