Red Velvet Successfully Wins First Trophy for 'Psycho', Congratulations!
Red Velvet get their first win trophy in a music program with thr new song, 'Psycho'. The first trophy was won by Red Velvet on the episode of 'Music Bank' which aired on Friday (03/01).

The song 'Psycho' was ranked first in 'Music Bank' this week after gaining a total score of 7465 points.

Red Velvet even surpassed IU, who came in second with a total of 4511 points for the song 'Blueming'.

Unfortunately Red Velvet members were unable to welcome the trophy directly to today's episode of 'Music Bank'.

This is the first trophy won by Red Velvet in a music program since they made a comeback with the repackage album 'The ReVe Festival: Finale'. Congratulations to Red Velvet! (

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