Park Bom Reveals She Requested a Song From CL And Talk About Collaboration With Sandara
Former member of 2NE1, Park Bom is currently busy with her solo activities. Recently, she appeared as a guest on the broadcast "Studio Music Hall" (literal title) yesterday, Tuesday (01/28).

During the broadcast, she shared several stories about her former group mates Sandara Park and CL. Park Bom talked about her latest song "First Snow" which she sang with Sandara Park.

"I asked Sandara Park to sing the song first. She took vocal lessons and worked hard sincerely, so I felt reassured by her," Park Bom said.

Park Bom also explained that she sweat a lot while practicing for live shows on talk shows. This is because it was difficult to performed songs that were originally intended for two vocalists. But as soon as the recording starts, Park Bom sings the song perfectly.

In addition, Park Bom also revealed that she was preparing a new song. What's interesting is, Park Bom claimed that she directly asked her group mate, CL to make the song.

"While preparing my solo album, I asked CL to write songs for me. But I haven't received it. CL also worked on the album around the same time, so she must be busy. I'm not disappointed at all,"
she continued.

Park Bom also added that 2NE1 members are close. They monitor each other's new releases and provide input to each other. This reinforces the evidence that 2NE1 members are still friendly even though they don't promote as a group anymore. (

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