Fans Find Surprising Facts on Heechul and Momo's Selfie Videos
The fans were made shocked after discovering a facts on the selfie videos of Super Junior's Heechul and TWICE's Momo . The selfie video was uploaded by Heechul through his Instagram account on November 3, 2018, when Momo starred in 'Knowing Brother'.

Surprisingly, so far the fans did not realize that at the beginning of the video Heechul and Momo were holding hands, before finally they talked in front of the camera.

The fans only realized after Heechul and Momo were confirmed dating by each agency on Thursday (01/01).

Right now Twitter fans who first discovered Heechul and Momo are holding hands in the video have already gotten more than 16 thousand retweets and 51 thousand likes.

Fans are also flooding the video post on Heechul's Instagram account with supportive comments. (

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